A Chronology of the Battle of the River Plate

December 13th, 1939

In the South Atlantic summer of 1939, two hundred and ninety miles east of the Río de la Plata, a famous naval action was fought between a Royal Navy cruiser squadron (HMS Exeter, Ajax and Achilles) and the Kriegsmarine Panzerschiffe Admiral Graf Spee.

Events before, during and after the battle are displayed in the timeline below.

Use cursor keys ⇐ ⇒ or mouse-drag any of the bands to move them. Double-click at a particular date or time to centre the display there; click on an event title in the upper band to display the event description. Descriptions mostly use the local timezone used by both combatant forces, GMT-2. The timeline is labelled in GMT. See below for source references.

Events recorded between 1 August 1928 and 23 February 1940. Green items relate to Admiral Graf Spee and blue ones to Royal Navy ships.


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This timeline visualization was compiled by Jonathan Remick Richards, last revised 20 September 2016
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